Create a custom atlas of maps suitable for scribbling upon lets you zoom in on an area and save the map to an Adobe .pdf printable multi-page atlas. The authors, Stamen Design, also include a map template with room for notes and they encourage users to upload annotated maps which, in turn, will help improve the OpenStreet effort. According to the site’s About page, Fieldpapers builds upon (another interesting mapping site ripe for exploration), OpenStreet and other open source GIS efforts.  The site offers free customizable maps in black and white line drawing as well as color satellite views.

My first atlas took me several attempts as I kept messing up the scale, unable to get a street level print out. Considering it is a free site, the developer was very responsive to my emailed questions. Turns out I was missing the obvious. I had to increase the number of pages and then use the “grid grabber” located on the lower right corner of the page grid. Once I scaled the print grid to optimize coverage of the area I wanted, I downloaded my custom 50 page, street level atlas.