Disclosures, disclaimers, conflicts of interest and other stuff

  • I am writing this blog under the pseudonym of Mitch Emberlin. I am using a pen name for no other reason than I prefer to keep my personal and professional ramblings separate.
  • My personal ramblings rarely, if ever, intersect my professional ramblings.
  • I have no products to pitch, sell, trade, loan or otherwise discuss. If that status changes here on Pondering Creek it will be unequivocal.
  • I am not a member of any affiliate program. I have researched numerous affiliate programs; none have struck my fancy. If I try to monetize Pondering Creek via affiliates (or any other method), I will make it very clear I am doing so. (There. Didn’t use ‘unequivocal’ again. Once was already too many.)
  • I hate banner ads. No promises that ads are forevermore banished from Pondering Creek, but I really hate ads.
  • I tend to avoid boiled liver. Other than that, I’m pretty omnivorous.

More will follow if I think of them.


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