Dyeing clothes and falling into bogs since the iron age

The folks at PastHorizons report on an article from ScienceNordic about textiles that maybe those iron age folk tossed in the bog weren’t all criminals or sacrifices. They dressed nice too.

You need to get click happy on this one and click through all the links at PastHorizons. Lots of pics of the various textiles in both posts. Moving on to the original article, even more explanation at ScienceNordic. Both PastHorizons and ScienceNordic make it easy to send their articles to print or pdf. If you don’t have these sites in your bookmarks or RSS reader, you need to do so.

Make sure you don’t miss the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre for Textile Research. The Centre, associated with the University of Copenhagen, provides a wealth of information on textiles, cloth making technologies and the relationship of clothing to culture on their site. I have not had a chance to dig deeper into the Centre’s site, but it appears to cover a large part of northern Europe and beyond.