Ello: a new social networking site

I recently ran across Ello, a new social networking site. I’m not going down the road with the is it a Facebook killer debate.

Join me on Ello!

Join me on Ello!

Not interested.

Could care less.

I’m far more interested in the clean design of the desktop UI, no ads, and (so far) much better privacy polices than, ummm, other sites who shall no longer be named.

Ello also appears to be a great place to meet creative folk. There are a ton of artists in almost every medium posting great content. Who knows where this will go, but it is a fun ride at the moment.

Currently, Ello is in beta and, thus, is a work in progress. Joining is by invitation only. However, invitations are not that hard to score.

I have set aside two invites for Ponderingcreek. I’ll email invite codes to the first two folks to ask for them in the comments.

Another option to find invitations is to take a look at Ello-Invite.com or /r/ello2 on Reddit.

I’m hanging about on Ello as @mitchemberlin, so give me a follow. My Ello avatar is shown above. Once I figure out how to do it, I’ll add an Ello link to my follow me side bar.

For more information on Ello, take a look at Dave Winer’s blog post or the Ello about page which is open to everyone.

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